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Our Employees

Everyone agrees, they are our most valuable resource. Without them, our accomplishments would be nil. Our basic livelihood depends on them. And they depend on us. By working together we have been able to sustain relationships and foster familial good will for decades upon decades. Our employees are the heart of our existence.

Health and Safety

If OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) did not exist we would still be implementing the precautions and standards needed to safeguard our employees. A healthy and safe work force is the backbone of our environment and our community. While our employees have been with us on average 6.5 years, many have been with us for their entire working life.

Our involvement reaches beyond the work day. Many of our employees take part in extracurricular corporate activities that better our community, and their lives.

Training and Education

Knowledge is paramount to success and there is no substitute for education, be it formal or on the job. We have committed considerable resources to providing continued education, training and skill management assistance to every employee, helping every person to reach their full potential not only as an employee but as a human being.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Our planet is diverse, and so is our company. By embracing our differences, we learn that we are actually a lot alike. We all work together to create products that will benefit our society. We all want to live a happy and productive life. We all want to be treated equally and fairly.

It’s our responsibility to our employees to uphold these values and to act accordingly for the betterment of all. It’s also our resolve, and our position within the community, to maintain a superior level of human rights.