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Environmental Statement

A conservative use of our natural resources has always been a cornerstone of our business, mandated from the bottom line. The Green Movement has been brought about by the senseless abuse of our natural resources by many over time. The majority of the world’s inhabitants now recognize that our resources are in fact limited and must be preserved. With this in mind, we all must do our part.

It’s the right thing to do

We’ve built a life around that simple statement. It’s the way we treat our customers, the way we build our products, the way we care for our community and the way we look at the world.

When our founders built this company, there weren’t any community action groups with green flags or any watch-dog organizations camped outside the gates measuring trash output. Nope, it was a simpler time. They probably wouldn’t have stuck around here long anyway since the founders were always looking for innovative ways to economize, by reducing and reusing, helping their neighbors and contributing to the community in a positive way whenever possible. It’s just second nature to us.

It’s a different world now. A lot of companies have used the years in between and the world’s resources to their advantage, without thinking about the consequences. Profits before people, squandering the resources of the world in the name of growth. Until finally, they began to notice that the resources were not endless, the air and water were not clean and the people that were once a community, were suffering. It didn’t take rocket science to realize what was happening, only an open eye instead of a blind one. At Jasper Group, we’ve always had both eyes open wide, watching the horizon and steering the straight course.

So, now that the giant corporations have figured out the rules we’ve lived by all along, they’re starting to do something about it. That’s a good thing. But rather than just doing it quietly and going about their business, it’s now a cultural requirement to tell everybody what you’re doing, that you should have been doing in the first place.

Air and Water

They’re essential to the sustainability of life on earth, and they are precious resources that must be protected and used wisely. Everyone plays a part in Jasper Group’s conservation efforts, from the CEO to the new hire on the line.

Our water usage has been dramatically reduced over the last decade by transitioning from water traps in our finish lines to filters for excess spray. We have employed condensation pumps in boilers to reduce basic water usage and extend the boiler life. Employees also make a concerted effort to use less water in their daily activities at work and at home.


Jasper Group is constantly searching for new ways to conserve energy, as well as using the old-fashioned ones taught to us by our predecessors. We have recently reduced consumption by installing high efficiency lighting, embracing more efficient production techniques and also by keeping a mindful eye where possible. We turn off lights if we aren’t using the space, we set the thermostat a little lower in winter and a little higher in summer, we only use office equipment that has an energy-saver mode, we share rides, we plan ahead and we think about the future. It adds up when everyone makes a contribution.