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Our Production Resources

As a manufacturer we use a wide variety of materials to not only create quality products, but to manage them as well. This includes everything in the process from the moment that raw materials enter the facility to the time that they leave as finished goods, destined for a life of supporting human endeavors. We are constantly evaluating our material selections, new material availability and how we can maximize their use with minimum impact on our environment.


Wood is our primary resource, and it is 100% renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. It is the most diverse, process friendly and widely used natural resource in the history of the human race. All our wood is 100% utilized. Any wood that has not been used as a product part is used as an energy source throughout the year or converted to animal bedding for local farmers among other uses.

Since 1952, the amount of commercial hardwood forest stock has increased by 70% in the United States. According to the U.S. Forest Service, Wood Education and Resource Center, the United States has approximately 715 billion board feet of commercial size timber available for harvest. The hardwood industry currently uses, on average, 13 billion board feet per year. The United Nation’s 2007 “State of the World’s Forests” report shows that U.S. forests are actually getting larger each year.

Our particle board is currently comprised of 100% recycled content.


Any laminate material purchased through Wilsonart®, Pionite® or Formica® is GREENGUARD certified.


Momentum®, CF Stinson®, Maharam® and Mayer® are just a few of the textile manufacturers we work with that offer 100% recyclable/compostable textiles, textiles that are manufactured from 100% recycled materials and PVC-free offerings.


We are constantly updating and upgrading our wood finishes and wood finish application lines in an effort to become more efficient and environmentally friendly. By utilizing high-efficient spray guns and application training we have reduced wasted materials. Any excess materials, solvents or waste is recycled. Currently we employ a filter-based application line to save additional water in our Jasper facility.

Polyurethane Topcoat

We are adapting a PU process in our finish applications for our customers that request products that meet Indoor Air Quality compliance to GreenGuard and ANSI-BIFMA 7.1 standards.


The use of CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) cutters and time-tested templates create maximum yield from our raw materials, leaving little waste. Fabric scraps are recycled and unused rolls of fabric are inventoried for future use or donated to local charities. Leather scraps are collected and sold to vendors who make wallets, purses and planners. Foam scraps are collected and recycled into carpet padding.

Reusable Resources

Reusing items has been a way of life in our communities since before we existed as a company. This tradition has continued to the present day.

A few of our reusable items are shipping pallets, steel drums, office furniture, fixtures and hardware. We have always made an effort to reuse as many items as we can for as long as we can. It’s good for the environment and it’s good for the bottom line. Once the item can no longer be used safely for it’s intended purpose, then it is given a new life.

Recyclable Resources

We have been recycling paper, steel and petroleum products since the beginning. Once any resource has reached the end of it’s intended cycle it is then recycled, reducing our overall waste footprint and keeping valuable resources from going to landfills and incinerators.


Whenever possible, we use members of the SmartWay Transport Partnership, an innovative brand representing cleaner, more fuel efficient transportation options. We have also implemented “No Idle” policies for our drivers and “No Idle” zones at our manufacturing facilities.